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Roon Customers: Which Products Are Right For Me

Please follow the below steps to best understand which product(s) are the best fit with Roon:

Step One: Selecting a Roon Server

Choose sonicTransporter i5 if:

- you have a USB drive full of music
- you have a NAS full of music
- you don't need CD ripping
- you want to save money

Choose the sonicTransporter i7 for Roon DSP if:

- All of the features of the sonicTransporter i5 plus+
- Intel i7 Processor for all of your higher processor upsampling requirements
- Exceeds Roon hardware requirements

Choose sonicTransporter AP if:

- you have a bunch of CDs you want to rip
- you have a huge music collection (8TB storage)
- you want a top of the line system
- you want "SSD caching a spinning drive"
- you want a fast processor for upsampling or other Roon features


Step Two: Selecting the right player

Choose MicroRendu if:

- you want the better sound quality from your music player
- you are listening on a high-end USB DAC

Choose ultraRendu if:

- you are looking for top quality sound from your music player
- better internal clock and board layout compared to the microRendu

Choose Signature Rendu SE if:

- you are looking for top quality sound from your music player
- The best built-in linear power supply 


NOTE: You can have more than one player (multi-zone)



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