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Of course I'd expected a major improvement; but this was more like dying and going to heaven. Every aspect of performance was radically improved, such that experience of listening to and appreciating music was completely transformed.

Hans Beekhuyzen

I highly recommend the sonicTransporter for everyone who has no interest in installing an operating system or writing an image to a USB/SSD drive. The transporter is just so simple and works so well. It's a no-brainer.

The Computer Audiophile

...This lends the ultraRendu the upper hand with musical intensity — again, without the side-effect of greater tension. Vocals especially, they really lean in. More so than with the microRendu....."

John H. Darko

"I made a good step upward from the Mac Mini by moving to the StreamPlayer III. Now, with the sonicTransporter and Rendu SE I have made another substantial step upward. The two-component, very high speed, high quality digital playback of the combination is most rewarding. I strongly recommend it, and I will be seeking to make it my digital source for reviewing going forward."

Doug Schroeder

“When I come here to listen, normally some things sound excellent, and some just good. Today (with the microRendu playing back an assortment of music files, some high-resolution, some CD rips), everything sounded excellent.”

Vade Forrester

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