Hi Andrew,
I got my ultraRendu today and just installed it about an hour ago. Initial impressions are very positive. The noise floor has dropped significantly; vocals and acoustic instruments emerge from a very deep and black background. Also bass is deeper, tighter and better defined. Transparency is improving by the minute as the unit warms up. Your products have exceeded my expectations. My system sounds like I upgraded my DAC! Thanks for everything.


"The STi5 arrived first. I loaded my digital music library (about 500 GB) onto it without difficulty. Then I compared the STi5 to my 2017 MacBook Pro as a file server, using the Chord Mojo DAC for both. I can't remember exactly how I hooked up the STi5 for this comparison; but it was one of those situations where the improvement was so immediately obvious that I didn't spend much time on it, and haven't looked back. My remaining impression is one of a more stable, solid and clean sound using the STi5." - Read the full write-up <<Click Here>>


"I just found out today that Small green computer is now using the latest I7-8700 6 core processors in their latest Fanless server:


It's setup out of the box to run Roon/HQplayer very well. It has more than enough grunt for the best HQplayer filters. The passmark is over 15000!


And that cost includes the Hqplayer license. Which is a $149 value.

So I think I'm just going to send folks his way for servers for the Purestream."

Mike - Mivera Audio

"The microRendu sounds great. I was using a Raspberry Pi that went from Ethernet, to I2S. This sounds much better even though it's USB. I have a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell Dac, so I though I2S would sound better. USB with the microRendu is amazing!"

James - Boston, MA

"Your UPnP bridge is working great. It allows me to integrate Roon with my ‘non Roon ready’ Naim unit. Thanks a million."

Stuart - Ferndown, United Kingdom


 Feedback on our new 7V Linear Power Supply:

Thank you for shipping the P/S. Man is it ever better than the iFi. The output from the Ultrarendu is cleaner, quieter and seems to have a lot more bass punch. A very worth upgrade!


Wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I'm really enjoying the ultraRendu and sonicTransporter i5 combination. There is a great synergy between the two units, and I'm really impressed with the ease of setup and use. Also, adding Roon was easy and I enjoy using it. I was able to add most of my music collection with no problem whatsoever. The music has really opened up and sounds fuller and richer. Haven't enjoyed listening to music this much in a long time. Thanks very much for all the help you extended. Have a great weekend.

Best regards,

James from Wayne, NJ


I’m new to Roon. Just discovered it a couple of months ago so I’m learning so many new things about managing digital music. I never knew these music management programs existed other than iTunes. Fortunately, I am early retired and music has always been essential to me. I now have time to really get into it. But I never really heard it properly before and I am now able to know the difference with a high-end system and hi-res music files. So, all this has become a hobby that I’m addicted to and I study the technology while listening to great music every day!

Now, to answer your question. I love my sonicTransporter and microRendu. They have been by far the easiest two components to integrate into my network and have up and running with no issues than almost anything I have tinkered with so far. And, they work great as I haven’t had one glitch with either of them. They just sit there and disappear. Glad to have my MacBook pro where where I can close the lid again without shutting my music down.

Great products!

John from Atlanta, GA


I just moved the last of the music to the internal storage on the sonicTransporter and started some listening today.  The sound quality improvements are larger than I would have expected. There is more depth, more precision, and more bass.  I am VERY happy. This system is much more flexible than several other systems I had been looking at. 

Robert from Winfield IL


The microRendu and LPS-1 combo has resulted in a major upgrade of the soundstage and realism of my audio system. Combined with Krell pre and power amps and Martin Logan speakers - it is like having the best seat in a concert hall, listening to classical music and opera.  Congratulations and best wishes for continued success!



Thanks for answering my email.  I’m totally in love LOVE with the microRendu. :)
I can't believe how much it has lowered the background noise! You have a true winner!

Daniel from Brossard, Québec


I am now streaming my music like never before - the sonicTransporter plus ultraRendu is musically amazing and totally satisfying...! Together with Roon it makes an absolutely stellar system. Thank you so much for having such an awesome product - cheers,

David - Lake Forest Park, WA


Got the ultraRendu up and running with my new Synology NAS. This is the most massive difference I have heard in 40 years of audio. Clearer, cleaner, more harmonics, better resolution. I really need to question what I was listening to before. The best way to describe it is "live" in front of you with zero brightness. Highly recommend!!!!!!



Thanks again for everything. I’m so impressed with the sonicTransporter and microRendu combo. It blows away my Mac Mini that I used as a server for a couple of years. The transparency and resolution of this setup is simply amazing. As you probably recall I’m using the $30,000 Nagra HD DAC as a digital front end into a complete Shindo system. I called my dealer today and told him to order the sonicTransporter and microRendu immediately, it’s that good (he’s using a NUC as a music server). Hopefully, this will bring you more business soon!

Peter from Los Angeles, CA


I have Vandersteens, an Audio Research Preamp, point to point mono block tube amps, an Ayre codex and Audioquest cables but never heard my system sound audiophile quality until I added an ultraRendu with Sbooster power supply. - Night and day improvement for a reasonable cost.

Michael - Santa Monica, CA


This weekend I finished creating my new system with the sonicTransporter i5, microRendu, QNAP NAS, Mytek Brooklyn, I am hearing things that are amazing. Your server just found everything. When I attached the microRendu, I did not have to do a damn thing. Boom, playing. Thank you for creating products that help bridge the gap between linux nerds and audio geeks.

Lee from Buffalo Grove, IL


Finally loaded in the library and put into the sonicTransporter i7 in place of the modded mac mini. Really nice improvement! Opens up the sound (less squeezed/ edgy) and bass definition / impact is much better. Well done!

Scott -  Etobicoke, Ontario


I love this little thing. The microRendu plus Roon / Tidal into my Bryston BDA3 DAC is killer. Bravo!

Ed - Philadelphia, PA


Wow. Wow. Wow.

Barton from Bozeman, Montana


The microRendu works very well! My ears aren’t as fine-tuned as most audiophiles I am sure, but based on the online blogs, I bought one. And to my surprise, I heard a big difference (compared to my Mac Mini / iTunes to my Auralic vega to Pass Labs X10 pre to Pass Labs X250.5 to Jamo D830 bookshelf speakers – old speakers) running at DSD128.

Dave from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin