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sonicTransporter i9 optical for HQplayer + Roon Server

sonicTransporter i9 optical for HQplayer + Roon Server

  • $ 2,79900

Run Roon Server and HQPlayer on one completely noiseless plug-and-play appliance!

Never have to deal with Windows or the AudiophileOptimizer again.

The sonicTransporter for HQplayer + Roon Server is running our low latency Sonicorbiter OS. This Linux based OS is very fast with no desktop to slow it down.

This server is identical to our sonicTransporter i9 optical but it has a HQPlayer Embedded licence included. 

You can install your own HQPlayer Embedded license on any of our sonicTransporter products.


This diagram shows a typical installation with a direct optical network connection from the music server to player/streamer.


Click this link to see the specs of the sonicTransporter i9 optical


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