systemOptique completely eliminates noise from a network by using glass optical fiber to transmit network data instead of copper wire. Any Ethernet cable made of metal, no matter how well made, can still pick up electrical noise radiated through the air. Optical fiber can not pick up any noise because it’s made of glass not metal.

Some audiophiles have tried to use copper Ethernet to optical Ethernet transceivers to build an isolated gap between their audio equipment and their router. This works well but the final transceiver has to be connected to the network player using wired Ethernet and noise can be picked up at that point.

systemOptique equipment, like the opticalRendu, have a fiber network interface so no network noise can reach them. Using a player or streamer with an optical interface will provide 100% galvanic isolation and eliminate all network noise.

Fiber optic networking was designed for the communication industry and there are may different transceiver module (SFP) types and light frequencies. systemOptique certified equipment has been tested to work together for simple operation.

Unless you have a router or network switch that supports optical Ethernet you need a media converter like the opticalModule. This converts wired Ethernet to optical Ethernet. This is shown in the diagram below.

So how do I get the WOW factor?

What was needed was a properly engineered system and to that end, we designed some new products for your consideration:

Sonore opticalRendu

The opticalRendu utilizes an SFP fiber optic transceiver at its input to provide 100% galvanic isolation from the network and USB-audio output. The opticalRendu has linear power regulation, CPU circuit design with femto clocking, USB circuit design with femto clocking, and a network circuit design with femto clocking. This unit utilizes SonicOrbiter for its operating system so you already know how to use it.

Sonore opticalModule Deluxe

The opticalModule Deluxe has an SFP fiber optic transceiver along with an RJ45 connector which can be used to add fiber-optic networking to your existing wired network. The circuit design features femto clocking, linear power regulation, external power input.

Sonore Signature Rendu SE

The Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical will get a new Optical Ethernet Input to USB Audio Output. We will also offer an upgrade path to optical Ethernet input to existing Signature Rendu SE owner.

A note about mismatching fiber-optic gear

The reason we came up with systemOptique was to provide and recommend gear that is compatible with each other. Products that are labeled systemOptique are tested and certified to work together in our fiber optic Ethernet environment.

Some basic tips

no hassle option

Each opticalRendu ships with a fiber transceiver module and if you buy our starter kit it will include everything else you need to get started. The starter kit includes a 4-Port Gigabit switch with SFP Slot, SFP fiber transceiver module, 1m fiber optic cable, and a linear supply for the switch

DIY option

If you have your own or plan to buy your own optical networking gear these are the basic specifications to look for systemOptique certified.

1. Gigabit: 1000base-SX (10/100/1000 base units are not supported only use 1000 base)
2. Interface: LC
3. Fiber type: 62.5/125um
4. Multi-Mode Wave Length: 850nm

What does systemOptique do for you?

systemOptique completely eliminates network noise. This noise would normally travel from your network into the network player/streamer and down the USB cable to the DAC. This would get into your DAC muddling the analog output

With no extra noise, your music will sound clear and more precise. The goal of systemOptique it to make your music sound better by eliminating noise going to your DAC.