Simple Upgrades To Improve Your Digital Audio

This week, we have received a lot of questions about simple upgrades that can improve your digital audio.  Here are two simple ideas that do not break the bank:

1) Go Optical:  Introducing Fiber Optic Ethernet into your Digital Audio Stream will eliminate any analog noise that may have been generated prior to where the Fiber Optic Ethernet Cable is introduced.  While we would love to have everyone get a sonicTransporter i9 optical and a Signature Rendu SE Optical, we know that this is not a viable solution for many.  What if you could improve your sound for under $200?  Watch this brief video on the basics of Fiber Optic Ethernet to learn how:

Click to learn more about the surprisingly affordable Optical Isolation Bundle.

2) Upgrade your USB Cable that is connected to your DAC.  If you are using USB as the input to your DAC, upgrading that USB cable is another great way to keep that digital audio stream as clean from analog noise as possible.  We have found that the In-akustik Reference High Speed USB 2.0 Cable to be a superb choice.  At under $400 for the 0.75M cable, this is an affordable upgrade.  

Learn more about the In-akustik Reference High Speed USB 2.0 Cable

Have a great weekend everyone.