sonicTransporter i9 optical (gen 2)

Music Storage:
$ 2,999.00 USD

The sonicTransporter i9 is Small Green Computer’s signature music server, featuring top-notch upsampling, a responsive user interface and the least amount of playback latency. This superfast noiseless box runs Roon Server and many other applications with ease and efficiency. 

No keyboard or monitor is needed for this plug-and-play music server, which is easy to access with a web browser from your tablet. 

This top-end server is built for Roon DSP and runs all high processor requirement upsampling, digital volume control, and DSD to PCM conversions with ease. Eight cores of power are used to run multiple DSP plug-ins at once. This server is great for upsampling to DSD512. Additionally, it has the capability to index large music collections rapidly. 

The sonicTransporter i9 uses the fastest-available technology to give our customers a premium experience. Its i9 processor is kept passively cool by fins located on the sides of the case. A billet aluminum front mirrors the high-quality internal parts with a sleek appearance. 


  • Works great with our Signature Rendu SE optical, opticalRendu, ultraRendu, microRendu or other Roon-Ready players
  • Exceeds Roon Labs hardware specifications
  • Easily connected to external USB storage or a NAS
  • Internal storage is available via the drive bay - add a 2.5" SSD drive to your purchase for music storage at any time or install yourself (no tools required)
  • This device comes with Roon Core pre-installed
  • Our easy-to-use web page supports the addition of many more music applications including HQPlayer, DLNA, squeezebox, Plex Media Server, and more
  • For CD ripping, pair with our external CD ripper for sonicTransporters


Optical Networking

The sonicTransporter i9 optical has an optical Ethernet port for direct connection to optically networked players such as our opticalRendu and Signature Rendu SE optical.

You can attach a standard Ethernet player/streamer or network DAC with our opticalModule.

Our newest generation of the sonicTransporter i9 now comes with a tool-less 2.5" hard drive bay.  Easily install an SSD hard drive yourself with no screws. We also offer preinstalled and configured SSD drives.




This diagram shows a typical installation with a direct optical network connection from the music server to the player/streamer.


    What's Included

    • sonicTranspoter i9 optical
    • 19v 7A (120v - 220v) power supply - works in any country (US-type power cord included)
    • 1m LAN cable
    • SFP module
    • 60-day Roon trial



    • Although many different types of fiber and SFP transceivers will work we recommend Gigabit SFP modules that work with OM1 (62.5/125 µm multi-mode) type multi-mode fiber with LC connectors for all systemOptique certified products. This will allow your systemOptique product to work at its highest level of performance. 
    • It is possible to power the i9 with your own power supply, though this is not recommended. If you want better sound, isolate your player with optical Ethernet.
    • If you really want to use your own supply, it must be 19V and at least 7 amps. The connector is a 7.4mm x 5.1mm with internal pin. These are typically used on Dell and HP laptops. This cable from Amazon will work: 7.4mm x 5.1mm cable.



    • 30 days to return any of our products, no questions asked...
    • 1-year warranty on parts and labor
    • Lifetime free technical support




    1 x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45

    1 x Optical Ethernet port

    USB 2 x USB 3.0 ports (only one can be used for a USB drive)
    Power 19VDC input (7 amps)
    Optional internal SSD for music When purchasing optional storage from us, we use the Samsung EVO Series  2TB, 4TB, or 8TB drives.
    CPU Intel i9 (Intel 10900)
    RAM 16GB DDR4



    Network Protocols Roon (RAAT), DLNA, Samba (Sonos® and others), Squeezebox®, Plex Server



    Acoustic Noise 0dB (Noiseless)



    User Interface Web user interface for configuration from a web browser or table



    Size 9.5" x 13" x 4" (D x W x H)
    Weight 12 lbs



    Operating Environment 0° C to 40° C



    Server Database 250GB high speed m.2 for server database (Roon Server, Squeezebox, DLNA) no local music storage
    2.5" drive bay Install your own SSD for music storage or have us install one for you
    USB Compatibility Compatible with any USB attached hard drive
    NAS Compatibility Compatible with almost any NAS (Synology, QNAP, Western Digital, Buffalo, and more)



    Power Consumption 30 Watts (average) up to 90w during upsampling



    Power 19VDC at 7 amps
    Adapter Specs 7.4mm x 5.1mm with internal pin


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