Black Friday Has Arrived....

Spectacular Deals to Kick off the Holiday Season:

1) The Ultimate Optical Bundle.  A sonicTransporter i9 Optical and a Signature Rendu SE Optical Tier II. The sonicTransporter i9 Optical will come with an 8TB SSD for FREE!.  Price: $7700.  (A savings of $1050). 

2) sonicTransporter i9 Optical Special Edition.  This Special Edition Model comes with a Carbon Fiber top and Finisar SFP (a $300+ value).  Simply add the Special Edition Option when ordering. Note that the price of the Special Edition i9 will go up after the sale ends on Monday.  Prices start at $2999.     

3) The Optical Streamer Bundle.  Want to stream Qobuz and Tidal to your USB DAC while taking advantage of the latest optical technology to eliminate noise?  We have got the solution.  This bundle includes an opticalRendu Lite, a TrendNet 4-port switch with SFP, a 7V SGC Linear Power Supply, and a 1M Fiber cable.  Everything you need to stream Qobuz and Tidal to your USB DAC (no music server required).  All for the amazing price of $1199 (Saving you $349)

4) Buy a sonicTransporter i5 Music Server, get a free CD Ripper. (An extra $184 in your pocket).  Click and buy, it's that simple... Pricing starts at $1095. 

5) The Premier Server-Player Bundle.  This bundle includes a sonicTransporter i5 music server and an ultraRendu network streamer with an SGC 7V 25W Linear Power Supply.  Prices start at $1849.  (Saving you $349) 

6) The ultraRendu Version 1.3 has arrived.  Buy an ultraRendu, get a SGC 7V Linear Power Supply for free.  That's a savings of $189.   Four reasons why the latest ultraRendu version is an upgrade from previous models: 1. Resigned USB circuit removing redundant components. 2. Updated clock buffer with significantly lower phase noise compared to previous design. 3. Lower impedance / better voltage regulation on the USB sub system. 4. Moved clock circuit to a new location away from other components.  Black Friday pricing: $999

7) The opticalModule Deluxe Bundle.  Want to eliminate noise by introducing fiber optics to your existing network stream.  This is the bundle for you.  Get an opticalModule Deluxe with an SGC 7V Linear Power Supply, a Fiber Media Converter, Fiber Optic Cable, and two Ethernet Cables.  Everything you need to optically isolate your network all in one package.  Normally, $719 for this bundle.  Black Friday Pricing - $649.  

8) FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.  Minimum purchase of $200.  Use Discount Code: BFFS at checkout.  (Note: we will ship UPS Ground in the USA and DHL for Worldwide).  Remember to use Discount Code BFFS at checkout...