Sonore Audiophile Linear Power Supply

DC cable:
$ 795.00 USD

7V DC power supply for the Sonore opticalRendu, ultraRendu, microRendu and opticalModule

  • Made in the USA
  • Large toroidal transformer
  • Fast, ultra soft recovery (low RF) discrete diodes
  • Large amount of high quality filter capacitors
  • Carefully chosen capacitors for transformer damping, final decoupling, and output
  • Ultra fast (low output impedance) ultra low noise, discrete voltage regulator
  • Heavy gauge, silver plated copper output wiring
  • XLR DC Jack isolated from chassis ground
  • IEC connector for your favorite power cable


The product can be ordered with the optional, upgraded Sonore DC4X cable.

  • Cardas 2x15 twisted pair
  • 2-15 AWG ultra-pure copper
  • Golden Ratio scaled Cardas Litz conductors
  • Multi-stranded arrangement in a color jacket
  • Each individual strand is coated in an insulating enamel
  • Neutriks XLR connector at the power supply connection for total noise isolation
  • Made in the USA


This product includes:

  • Sonore Audiophile Linear Power Supply
  • .5M Sonore DC cable (XLR to 2.5mm/2.1mm)


Input voltage 110V AC or 220V AC (select when you order)
Output voltage 7V DC
Output Current 1.5A continuous, 2.0A peak
Size 165x60x165 mm

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