Signature Isolation Bundle

$ 3,158.00 USD

Completely isolate noise from your network digital audio stream with The Signature Isolation Bundle.  This systemOptique-certified bundle includes the industry standard for fiber optic isolation of your digital audio over Ethernet.  This solution allows almost any Wired Ethernet Audio Stream (regardless of manufacturer) to remove virtually all network noise.  The results are truly breathtaking.  Pure sound, no network noise...       

This bundle includes:

Two Sonore OpticalModules, each with a Finisar SFP preinstalled.

Two Sonore Audiophile Linear Power Supplies each with a Sonore DC4x Cable.

One Sonore Audiophile Fiber Optic Cable (1  Meter) to connect the two optical Module Deluxe units together

One Wired Ethernet Cable (1/2 ft.) to connect from the opticalModule Deluxe (clean side) to your DAC, Streamer, Server or All-in-one.




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