Inakustik Reference Power Station AC-4500p

$ 5,500.00 USD


  • Filter Type I for analog devices
  • Filter Type II for digital devices
  • DC rejection
  • High quality sockets
  • Copper busbars
  • Metal housing



The AC-4500 power station reliably suppresses all unwanted interference from the electrical grid. This Active Power Distributor implements a highly efficient parallel filter that is perfect for every audiophile’s needs. The filter removes all interference from both the power system and all connected devices without restricting current flow.

Additionally, the dampened sub-chassis reduces mechanical vibrations of the filter components caused by the 60-Hz grid frequency.

The star-shaped distribution topology also ensures uniform supply of all connected devices so that the Reference Power Station AC-4500 becomes a key factor in enabling a revealing and powerful sound.

The technical design of this product features an elegant front panel made of brushed aluminum. The housing interior is designed in such a way that the six high-quality power sockets are shielded from one another. Any interference created by connected devices is therefore eliminated. Another added highlight of the new design is the solid copper busbars and special soderless high-current connectors. This ensures that loop resistance is extremely low, which provides outstanding current delivery capacity.

The centrally placed high-current power inlet (IEC C-20) allows for easy replacement of the supply cable – for example, with a longer one. Your precious devices are protected from voltage peaks thanks to the built-in surge suppressor, and you can conveniently switch all power sockets on and off using the power key on the front panel. 



Outputs: 6
Supply voltage: 100-250V AC / 50-60Hz
Operating current (max.): 15 A
Input power (max.): 1,875 VA (120 VAC, 15 A)
Dimensions: 450 mm × 386 mm × 122 mm (W × D × H)
Weight: 33 lbs
Power inlet: IEC C-20 socket


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