Access your Tidal account on your Sonore Rendu series player

What you will need to get started:

  • A Sonore Series Rendu Player (microRendu, ultraRendu, Signature Rendu SE) connected to your network
  • An Apple / Android Smartphone or Tablet
  • The Kazoo App (Linn - Kazoo - don’t worry, we will show you how to install and set up the app)

Step One:

Perform a software update on your Rendu Series Player

(Software Update Directions)

Step Two:

  • From the Rendu Player Homepage, click on Apps, Software Manager, Installed Apps
  • Uninstall (Delete) BubbleUPnP if you have it installed (you don't need it)
  • If BubbleUPnP is uninstalled, please reboot your Rendu Series Player


Step Three:

  • From the Rendu Player Homepage
  • Choose Settings, MPD/DLNA
  • Choose your Tidal Stream Quality (If you choose a stream quality that is above your Tidal subscription level, the stream will not work).
  • Click Save

Step Four:

  • On your iOS / Android tablet or smartphone - Download / Install the following Application
  • Linn - Kazoo

Note: You can also install Kazoo on a computer if you prefer using it over a tablet or smartphone.

 Step Five:

  • Open the Kazoo App on your smartphone / tablet
  • Choose your microRendu, ultraRendu, or Signature Rendu SE


Step Six:

  • Inside the Kazoo app
  • Click on the top/left pull-down menu
  • Choose “Tidal”
  • Enter your Tidal login and password

You are all set - Moving forward, you can use the Kazoo application to play your Tidal tracks on your microRendu, ultraRendu, and Signature Rendu SE.