Beginning Monday, October 8th, customers will be able to download sonicorbiter OS Version 2.7.  

Small Green Computer (SGC) and Sonore are pleased to announce the immediate release of our latest software release - SonicOrbiter version 2.7.  This release brings several amazing features to the SGC sonicTransporter series servers and Sonore Rendu series players. These updates include Tidal directly on the Sonore Rendu series players and Resilio Sync for the sonicTransporter series servers.  

The exciting new features for the SGC sonicTransporter series servers include:

  • Resilio Sync: Resilio Sync gives customers the ability to easily sync their music files on their computer with their sonicTransporter series servers.  With Resilio Sync, customers can easily copy their entire music database onto their sonicTransporter internal drive or external drive. <<Learn More>>
  • Plex Media Server Auto update: Plex Media Server provides periodic updates to their software platform,  With Sonicorbiter V2.7, these updates will now automatically update to your sonicTransporter. No need to worry about updating your Plex Media Server software manually.  We have got you covered.
  • HQ Player embedded: HQ Player software is now embedded within the sonicTransporter series player software.  


New features for the Sonore Rendu Series players include:

  • Tidal directly to your Sonore Rendu Series player.  Customers are now able to connect directly to Tidal from their Rendu series player.  No need for a desktop or Roon to get Tidal to your USB DAC. All you need is a Rendu Series player and a smartphone / tablet.  <<Learn how>>
  • Spotify Connect updated - Multiple bug fixes to Spotify Connect to fix lingering issues within the software app.  
  • Auto-detect DSD direct DACs:  DSD direct DACs are now auto-detected within the Sonore Series Rendu players.    

How to update:

**Sonore Rendu Series Players MUST have already upgraded to Sonicorbiter OS Version 2.5.  If you have not yet updated, <<Click Here To Order>>


  • Click Manage 
  • Click Apps
  • Click Software Manager
  • Click Update
  • Once the Update is complete, return to the main menu and reboot your Server / Player.  

Software Update Directions (Note: the directions were written for the Rendu Series players but also apply to the sonicTransporter)

Resilio Sync Directions

Tidal Direct Directions