The Audiophile microJukebox

In response to requests from our loyal customers, we have added another product to the microJukebox product line, The Audiophile microJukebox.  

Do I need an audiophile or standard microJukebox?

The Audiophile microJukebox comes with the SOtM USB card. This will provide a very clean signal to your USB attached DAC. If you are planning to attach a high end USB DAC to your microJukebox this solution gets the best sound out of your DAC.

The Audiophile microJukebox comes with the following storage options: 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, or 8TB spinning drives.  Also available in a 2TB SSD.  


Note: We replaced this product with the sonicTransporter CDR. It has all the same features plus the power to run Roon!