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systemOptique direct optical Server & Player Combo - sonicTransporter i9, opticalRendu

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This bundle is a complete solution to use Roon with a optical networking and a USB DAC. The sonicTransporter is the Roon Core and the opticalRendu is a Roon Ready player. This combination gives you much better sound then attaching a USB DAC to a computer or NUC.

You also get complete isolation from network noise thanks to systemOptique.

This bundle includes:




We can add different sizes music storage drives then are listed here. Contact us for a quote.

Note: Although many different types of fiber and SFP transceivers will work we recommend Gigabit SFP modules that work with OM1 (62.5/125 µm multi-mode) type multi-mode fiber with LC connectors for all systemOptique certified products. This will allow your systemOptique to work at its highest level of performance.

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