systemOptique PS Audio i2s Bundle - opticalRendu, ultraDigital, SGC 7V Linear Power Supply

Power supply:
$ 1,949.00 USD $ 2,150.00 USD

Does your DAC have an LVDS i2s Input and you are just dying to take advantage?  We've got you covered.

  • Works with any DAC that has an LVDS i2s input
  • Make your DAC Roon Ready
  • Stream the full resolution DSD, PCM, and MQA to your DAC
  • The best sound from your PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell Preamplifier/DAC, DirectStream Junior DAC or DirectStream DAC
  • Play TIDAL direct to your DAC with no server or computer via DLNA

The opticalRendu has optical networking. Get an opticalModule if you are attaching this to a router or get or sonicTransporter i9 optical for a music server with a direct optical connection.

Bundle Includes:

This is how to connect all the components to your home network.


What customers are saying about this bundle:

"I have been an audiophile for almost 40 years, always in pursuit of the best sound. I have never heard music sound this good !!! This is a new level."

Andrew R. - St. Louis, Missouri

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