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5V-15V Linear Power Supply 15W - International (220V Input)

  • $ 16000

5V to 15V Linear Power Supply 15W - International Model (220V Input)

Very low noise Linear Power Supply that is perfect for powering your players / transports.  A great upgrade from your current power supply.  Choose the voltage you need (1VDC increments) between 5VDC and 15VDC.  


  • Input voltage: 220V
  • Output voltage: 5VDC - 15VDC
  • Toroidal transformer: 15VA
  • Size: 100*50*150mm (W*H*D)
  • Voltage display LED color: Blue


Not sure on your Voltage Requirements? <<Click Here>>

Note - We do not carry the outlet plugs for international customers.  

Note #2: We ship the product with your requested output voltage.


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