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Holiday Specials

Don't Forget To Take Care Of Your Digital Audio Needs This Holiday Season! 

Several Specials Designed to Help Bring You Towards Audio Nirvana, Without Breaking the Bank: 

1) NEW PRODUCT ALERT!!! - The sonicTransporter i5 CDR has taken off like crazy since we introduced the product for Black Friday.   If you are looking for the power of the sonicTransporter i5 with the ability to RIP AND STORE CDs,  the sonicTransporter i5 CDR is the answer.  Where else can you rip/store CDs and run Roon Server (as well as HQPlayer (embedded), Squeezebox Server, Plex Media Server and MinimServer (DLNA server))?

To celebrate the sonicTransporter i5 CDR success, we are running a few specials:
sonicTransporter i5 CDR with 1TB SSD included - $1345
sonicTransporter i5 CDR with 2TB SSD included - $1545
sonicTransporter i5 CDR with 4TB SSD included - $1995  

2) The microRendu has been a great product that has exceeded all expectations.  Get one by itself, with an iFi Power Supply or with a 7V (15W) Linear Power Supply.  All for $629!
microRendu - $629
microRendu & iFi Power Supply - $629
microRendu & 7V Linear Power Supply (US) - $629
microRendu & 7V Linear Power Supply (Intl) - $629

3) Looking for an incredible music server?  The sonicTransporter i5 is the answer.    
sonicTransporter i5 - no internal drive - $795
sonicTransporter i5 - 1TB SSD - $895
sonicTransporter i5 - 2TB SSD - $1145
sonicTransporter i5 - 4TB SSD - $1695

4)  Already have an ultraRendu, microRendu, or ultraDigital?  Upgrade your power supply to our 7V (15W) Linear Power Supply.  Normally $160.  Now $129

Happy Holidays,