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Random July Sale - One Day Only

Posted by Andrew Gillis on

Random Late July Sale!

UPDATE: By popular demand, we have added the sonicTransporter i7 (AP,HQPlayer, and Roon DSP) to the sale.   

What to spruce up your hump day?  Maybe we can help.  Starting at 9:35 am (Eastern Daylight Time) on Wednesday, July 25th, we are temporarily reducing the price of the sonicTransporter i5. 

So what exactly are we talking about: 

  • Who: Anybody that needs the best music server
  • What: A random Wednesday sale
  • When: Starts Wednesday, July 25th at 9:35 am EDT
  • Where:
  • Why: Why Not!
  • How: Use coupon code WEDNESDAY7 at checkout
  • How Much: Does 7% work for you...
  • How Long: 24 glorious, wonderful hours

Details, Details, Details...


Q: What product(s) are eligible for this 7% discount?
A: The sonicTransporter i5 product line (including internal hard drive options), All bundles / combos that include the sonicTransporter i5 are also included.

Q: Tell me more about bundles / combos?
A: We offer the Essential and Premier bundle that includes a sonicTransporter i5, microRendu or ultraRendu, and a power supply.  The 7% discount applies to the total price of the bundle. 
Q: Wait, when does this start?
A: The sales event starts at 9:35 am EDT on Wednesday, July 25 and lasts for 24 hours.  

Q: How do I take advantage of this amazing deal?
A: Enter Discount Code WEDNESDAY7 at checkout to receive 7% off.   


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