Announcing Sonicorbiter OS Version 2.9 for Sonore Rendu Series Players

Our Free Upgrade promotion (Option 1) has ended.  Thank you to all that participated.  

Sonore and Small Green Computer are thrilled to announce the release of Sonicorbiter OS Version 2.9 for the Sonore Rendu Series Players.

A few reasons why Version 2.9 is amazing:

1. The new version adds supports more DSD devices.

2. The new version has a new low latency USB stack that reworks the way playback starts.

3. Cleaning up the new version by removing legacy software that no longer builds correctly (Songcast, YMPD, and Logitech Media Server).

4. This version supports our long term plan to move remote servers away from the Rendu series and on to the sonicTransporter series products where they are much better suited.

We are offering our customers two options on how you can get this latest software release.

Option 1 - Get the release for free:

To get the release for free, we ask that you write a forum review of your Sonore Rendu Series player online. A few of the great many places to write about your Sonore Rendu Series player include (but not limited to):

Once your forum review is complete, simply go to the below webform, fill it out, and we will send you a discount code to get your upgrade for free. Note - limit one per customer and that this offer is for a limited time.

Submit Your Review

Option 2 - Pay $29 for your software upgrade (free standard shipping)

Your software upgrade will be shipped for free via USPS. Expedited shipping options are also available.

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